About Me

Who am I?

I am a hippie at heart: I’m a people’s person and a tree hugger. I’m all about love, peace, freedom and equality. I dream big, and I work towards making those dreams come true. 

Because dreams don’t work unless you do.

A proud South African, I’ve lived next to the beach my whole life, in a sunny town called Strand. It is a 40-minute drive from Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City.

Cape Town is honestly my favourite city in the whole world, with its great variety of cultures, beaches, wildlife, restaurants, and shopping centres. Therefore exploring Cape Town is definitely my ideal Saturday outing!

After school, I attended Stellenbosch University and specialised in Translation after completing my Bachelor’s degree majoring in English, German and French.

While studying in Stellenbosch, I wrote and copy edited for a number of publications. I also helped with the development of the Afrikaans version of the what3words map as a language consultant.

These days, I work for a digital marketing agency called Nice Touch Media. We are a team of niche specialists marketing winemakers, dietitians, and everyone in between.

I have always been an optimist.

I’ve always tried to see the bright side of life, hence my mantra is seek the sunny side. The way I see it, there’s always a sunny side no matter how dark a situation might seem.

They say happiness is not a destination, but a journeyAnd I want to take you along on my journey of happiness.

Here, I will share my adventures with you. My adventures are not only conventional travels, but also travels into the heart and soul, finding ways to be happy. 

Let’s seek the sunny side together.