We Heart It: By Heart

I’m letting you get a glimpse of my heart by doing the By Heart challenge, a new challenge that’s trending on We Heart It.

By heart I am…

A 2 am Dreamer or a Sound Sleeper

I’m a 2-am dreamer.

I’ve never liked sleeping, so I tend to stay up till 12 most nights, on weekends sometimes all night. I love staying up until early hours with friends. I struggle to fall asleep. And when I’m finally asleep, vivid dreams often wake me up.


Reckless or Reliable

(Mostly) reliable.

There are exceptions, but I’m mostly reliable. I work hard. When I commit to something, I stick to it. I try my best to be there for my friends.


A Garden Grower or a Forest Explorer

I’m a garden grower.

I love collecting things, from seashells to plants. I have quite a lot of potted plants in my room, and I regularly get new ones (lately I collect plants from relatives and plant them myself instead of buying).


A Newspaper or a Colouring Book

A newspaper.

I’m a writer, so I’m probably more of a newspaper than a colouring book. I also love knowledge, which I like sharing with others from time to time.


The Astronaut or the Moonchild

I’m a moonchild.

I’m a dreamer. I enjoy looking at the moon, but I have no desire to actually go there (honestly, I’m way too afraid of space travel).

Young at Heart or an Old Soul

I’m an old soul.

I’d say I have quite a mature outlook on life. I’m spiritual and introspective. I also like the intellectual things in life, and I strive to be wiser and have more knowledge.


A Romantic or a Realist

I’m a romantic.

I’m a dreamer and an optimist. I’m also a very expressive person and I tend to follow my heart, which sometimes gets me in trouble. I crave intimacy and passion.


A Cloud Gazer or a Star Chaser

A cloud gazer.

Stars are wonderful, but I’d rather be outside during daytime than nighttime (too cold). And I find clouds especially beautiful during sunsets.


A Mountain or an Ocean

I’m like the ocean.

Like the tides and currents of the ocean, I’m constantly in motion: I change myself, change my mind, change my mood.


The Artist or The Muse

I’m an artist.

I like to create. My personal art is writing and making music (guitar).


By Heart I choose…

Sleeping beneath the Stars or Sailing at Sunrise

Sleeping beneath the stars.

Honestly, I’m not a very adventurous person. I don’t like sailing… But I do like sleeping (or cuddling) beneath the stars.


Flying to the Moon or Swimming to Atlantis

Swimming to Atlantis.

I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid. And if I were, I’d definitely go to The Lost City of Atlantis!


Polaroid Pictures or Handwritten Letters

Handwritten letters.

As a writer, letters are so special to me, especially handwritten ones. I enjoy writing them as well as receiving them. Letter writing is such a beautiful tradition and I’m sad to see it go.

Barefoot Adventures in the Jungle or Exploring Rooftops in Paris

Exploring rooftops in Paris.

I’m more of a city girl than a jungle explorer, although I do love nature. Visiting Paris is one of my biggest dreams, and if I go, I want to see ALL of it, including its rooftops.


Summer Nights or City Lights

Summer nights.

I like both, but summer nights (on the beach) are my first choice. I’d love to move to a tropical island someday so that I’ll never have to face winter.


Paintings or Poems


But paintings are amazing and beautiful, too.


Rainy Days or Stormy Nights

Rainy days.

I’d go with rainy days – preferably tropical rainy days on tropical islands where it’s warm and not as grey and miserable.


Vintage Postcards or Antique Telescopes

Vintage postcards.

I like the arty look and feel of them. They’re like paintings, telling stories.


Constellations or Conversations


I’m a people person who loves talking or listening to people. Whether they be old friends or new acquaintances, conversations with people give me joy. Plus, people and their stories are so interesting!


Déjà vu or nostalgia


I suppose I’m quite fascinated with the past. I think about my past often (a habit I’m trying to break, however). And above that, I like to learn about history.


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