Friday Favourites: 20-27 April

What a week! I’ve been working at Nice Touch Media for three weeks now (although it feels much longer). Juggling work, blogging, gymming and socializing all at the same time is hard, but I must admit, I’m really enjoying it! Being busy feels quite rewarding. 

Here’s a quick update on this week’s favourites:

Florence + The Machine – Sky Full of Song

Florence + The Machine is one of my all-time favourite bands, and I’m loving their latest single. I listen to it pretty much daily and I find it uplifting every time. It’s not the lyrics – to be honest, I don’t really get the lyrics – it’s simply the way the song sounds. The melody is lovely and Florence’s voice is so beautiful!

Merkava Coffee Roastery

Merkava is a very nice coffee shop in central Somerset West (the town in which I work). This bustling spot is popular for their quality coffee, as well as their tasty baked goods. I had one of their brownies earlier this week, and it tasted amazing! It’s soft, sweet and unique. Best brownie ever!

Things making me happy right now

  • Spending time with my friends
  • Making new friends
  • Quality time with my family
  • My amazing job
  • My pets’ cuddles
  • Learning to play the guitar
  • The coffee machine at work
  • Becoming fitter and stronger

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